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How to Increase Leadership Development Success – “Participate!!”

A quick Google search using the term “leadership development failure” pulled up 2,280,000 results.  I wish I could say I’d read most of the results, but I only had time to glance at a few articles.  I consistently found reasons

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What the Seahawks Teach Us About Peer Accountability

I enjoyed reading a recent article in Sports Illustrated entitled “Let it Lei”, detailing the Hawaiian pre-season retreat that Russell Wilson arranged for the Seahawks. Read the article here. I’m from the Seattle area, so the Super Bowl loss to

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Amazon Culture – Are We Surprised?

Amazon has never tried to hide who they are!  The New York Times published an article recently that has ignited a firestorm. In the article, former Amazon employees describe an environment where: Standards were unreasonably high Colleagues were pitted against

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What Happened at Twitter?

The CEO of Twitter is Out – Do you know how to avoid the same mistakes? Dick Costolo recently stepped down as the CEO of Twitter. The investors didn’t like what they were seeing – a stock price sliding 20%

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Leadership Lessons from Simon Sinek

I recently had the opportunity to see Simon Sinek live and in person at an event sponsored by Town Hall Seattle.  For those of you who don’t know him, Simon Sinek is the author of “Start with Why”.  This little

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