“Deneen worked with me to understand our strategic goals, and helped me envision how this new role (VP of HR) would support those goals. Deneen took into account not only skillset and experience, but also cultural fit. She skillfully integrated this information into the interview and selection process.”

– Lori Burkhart Isbell
   Burkhart Dental Supply

How many times have you hired a leader, only to determine a few months later, the job fit wasn’t right. The experience and skills didn’t match or more commonly, the person didn’t fit your culture. More often than not, the new hire will quit in under 6 months, which just cost the company 1.5 times the leader’s annual salary. You’ve lost productivity and trust among team members as they wait to see what happens next.

Progressive Leadership Group can help. We get to know the needs of your organization and develop a clear definition of the role as it will operate in your company. We create a customized interview and selection process that evaluates experience, qualifications and cultural fit. We create clarity, which leads to the right hire.

Services include:

  • A unique position definition, including skills, work experience, and cultural fit requirements.
  • Customized recruiting, interviewing and selection strategy.
  • Participation on the interview and selection panel.
  • Current market salary information.
  • A comprehensive leadership on-boarding plan.