Deneen clarified everyone’s role and responsibilities, but beyond that, she showed how “not stepping up” negatively impacts the organization. She started with the mission and vision, which engaged everyone into the process.
-Executive Director, Non-profit Healthcare Organization

Culture is made up of beliefs, values, assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors that are shared by everyone. Culture dictates how things “really” get done, what’s rewarded, and how people behave.

As your company changes, you may lose sight of your underlying mission and values. Can your culture help you achieve your business goals? How strong is your culture?

What does High Performance culture look like?

  • Senior Management teams work together.
  • Strategies are formed and executed.
  • Mission and Values are lived out.
  • Top and bottom line targets are achieved.
  • Employees are motivated and engaged.

We help you strengthen and sustain a culture that drives high performance, while staying true to your mission, vision and values.

We help our clients:

  • Define their Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Build on their cultural strengths.
  • Measure cultural ability to drive business strategy.
  • Develop “leaders of culture”.
  • Integrate Mission and Values into all HR practices.