“A leadership framework for a profitable/thriving company”

We use our own proprietary system.  The PROMOTE leadership system is a skills-based framework that establishes the foundation for leadership practices proven to be essential for business success: Plan for the Future; Reward & Recognize, Obtain Knowledge; Manage Talent; Openly Communicate; Train and Develop; Execute and Excel.

Our leadership strategy process looks at the key drivers of leadership success.  We uncover issues and challenges, and work collaboratively to create solutions for your company.

  • We help you develop a cultural profile that defines the Mission, Vision, Values and Behaviors necessary to meet your business goals. We help you build alignment between your external brand and internal brand behaviors. (The Right Culture for High Performance)
  • We understand where your company is now and where it needs to go.  We work with you to develop the leadership roles needed to meet external market challenges and stakeholder expectations. (The Right Roles)
  • We develop a leadership competency model, defining the skills required to meet your strategic goals.   We help you know what to look for as you hire new leaders. (The Right Leader)
  • We measure the leadership skills of your team against the skills you’ll need to grow to the next level.  We develop coaching and training solutions to bridge skill gaps. (The Right Skills)