Avoiding a Collision with Growth (Part 1)

I received a call from my mom a few nights ago. She was calling to say that my dad had been in an accident, not too far from where I live. She needed me to pick him up and bring him home. My dad explained that he was driving down the street, making steady progress, when a car turned right into his path. Dad thought he was in the clear, when out of nowhere a car cuts in front of him and a collision ensues.

My dad is fine, thankfully – however his car is not. The impact busted the radiator and as I write this post, my dad’s beloved Cadillac sits in a lot at Joe’s Towing. The car was not able to get him to his intended destination, because it collided with another vehicle.

What does this have to do with growing companies and leadership? I’m glad you asked.

A growing company experiences movement and progress – seemingly without any impediments. It’s like dad driving down the road, not thinking anything was going to get in the way.

When you experience growth it’s a very exciting thing. Your product or service is in high demand. Your company is growing faster than you imagined. You’ve added to the top and bottom line, and people are joining the team at a rapid pace.  You’re heading down the road to your ultimate destiny – and nothing will get in your way.

Until… BAM!!! What just happened? You had a collision with growth.  Out of nowhere, a growing company may find themselves:

  • Out of touch with their vision and mission
  • Struggling to engage growing teams
  • Unprepared for what’s next
  • Unable to attract and keep talent

We will take a deep dive into the 4 critical leadership skills critical for any growing company.   I hope you will stay tuned as I address each skillset in the next 4 posts.

At the end of this series, you will know everything you need to know to avoid a collision with growth and keep your company moving forward.

Be on the lookout for the next post where I’ll discuss the 1st critical leadership skill, Visionary Leadership.

Let’s have a dialogue. Please share your feedback in the comments section.

Have you worked in a company that collided with growth? Have you worked for a company that successfully adapted to growth?  Share what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Deneen Grant is a Leadership Strategist, Culture Expert, and founder of Progressive Leadership Group. Deneen partners with CEOs and Senior Executives to put the Right Leaders, in the Right Roles, with the Right Skills – creating thriving, high performing, and profitable organizations.

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