We provide targeted leadership coaching at the CEO, Senior Executive and Mid-Management level. Our coaching process helps leaders cultivate the skills that contribute to corporate growth and profitability (PROMOTE skills):

Plan for the Future (Strategic Thinker)
Reward and Recognize (Motivate Performance)
Obtain Knowledge (Continual Learner, Self-Aware)
Manage Talent (Lead People)
Openly Communicate (Create Clarity)
Train and Develop (Grow People and Teams)
Execute and Excel (Execute on Business Strategy)

Our coaches focus on the specific skills that need strengthening, creating a program tailored to the needs of the leader and the organization.

We will provide coaching on an individual level, or as a part of an overall Leadership Strategy initiative.

Services Include:

  • Leadership Skills Assessment
  • Individual Coaching Plans
  • Skills Training Reinforcement

You will receive support, advice and accountability from experienced executive coaches. Our coaches use their business know-how to develop practical coaching plans. We grow the leadership skills that grow your business.