“I made the decision to add a key role to my leadership team, and working with Deneen helped me get clear on exactly what I needed.

Deneen worked with me to understand our strategic goals, and helped me envision how this new role (VP of HR) would support those goals.   Deneen took into account not only skillset and experience, but also cultural fit. She skillfully integrated this information into the interview and selection process.

Deneen designed a strong interview process. She delivered a quality pool of candidates and participated in each phase of that process. As we worked together she balanced listening to me and being direct enough to make sure I heard and benefited from her expertise. With the full schedule of multiple execs who had a piece of the interview process, it would be easy to get off timeline; she kept us on track.  Being able to rely on Deneen’s experience enabled me to go at a faster pace than I would have otherwise. We successfully filled a senior leadership role in less than 3 months.

Deneen is highly competent and knowledgeable. I trusted her, and felt secure that if she said it, I could rely on it. Her follow through is impeccable. And she is a joy to work with.

I highly recommend Deneen for any CEO who needs a strategic leadership consultant.”

– Lori Burkhart Isbell
  Burkhart Dental Supply


 “I hired Deneen Grant and Progressive Leadership Group to facilitate my Board’s annual strategic planning retreat.

I was surprised and pleased when Deneen arrived for our first meeting fully prepared, having already done the necessary research, which allowed more time to really focus on the goals and objectives for the retreat.

Deneen did an excellent job of facilitating for us that day and we achieved our objective of identifying next steps and tasks to accomplish.

Throughout our project, I found Deneen to be very responsive to our needs and thoroughly engaged in the project. Should we need a facilitator in the future, we would definitely consider working with her again.”

  – Louise Little, CEO
    University Book Store  

“Deneen was brought in to assess our leadership structure, and leadership strengths and weaknesses. Her work was the catalyst that gave us the objective, valid information we needed. Based on Deneen’s thorough assessment and recommendations, we took action. We’ve redesigned the leadership structure and put leaders in roles that match their strengths. These changes have a positive effect on multiple departments, and ultimately allow for better patient care. We now live up to our mission and vision, which is the best outcome of all.”

          – Assistant HR Director, Healthcare Industry

 “Our organization had assembled a group of new board members. We brought Deneen in to provide guidance on how the board and I might work together to further the mission of the organization. Deneen clarified everyone’s role and responsibilities, but beyond that, she showed how “not stepping up” negatively impacts the organization. She started with the mission and vision, which engaged everyone into the process.

Consultants so often give you the end result – “this is what you need to do”, but don’t give you the steps to get there. Deneen gave us both the solution and the clarity of how to achieve the end result. Deneen listens to the whole situation. Through her ability to listen and respond, without instructing, she helps me better understand the situation and gives food for thought. I come away able to solve problems independently.

I would recommend Deneen to any organization that needs to align their executive team or board of directors with their mission and strategy.”

       – Executive Director
Non-profit Healthcare Organization

“Deneen brought significant clarity to all of our critical positions, including the executive roles.” Deneen’s system enabled us to attract highly qualified candidates for our open positions. Her experience was invaluable as we worked together to screen, interview and evaluate candidates for leadership roles in our organization.”

       – Rick Crosson, COO
Trucking/Transportation Industry

“Wellspring EAP hosts a forum for the HR Managers of our client companies. We are very selective of both topics and presenters. We were so pleased when Deneen accepted our invitation to speak on Employee Engagement. Her engaging manner, her extensive knowledge of the subject matter and her ability to involve the audience in her subject matter was evident to all of our attendees. They especially appreciated how she made the business case for employee engagement and provided a wealth of resources for them. We received excellent feedback from all participants and her evaluation scores were extremely positive.”

     – Mary Ann Dewing
Assistant Director/Senior Account Executive
Wellspring Family Services EAP

“I heard Deneen speak at a Pierce County Chamber lunch and learn. Deneen’s grasp of company culture and its impact on employee engagement makes her the perfect speaker/trainer for your meeting or conference.”

    – Cosette Gibson-Pfaff, Owner